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Wardah Lightening BB Cream

By February 25, 2014

A 100% multi-tasking cream with many loving benefits that makes you look fabulously natural all day. It's Wardah Lightening Beauty Balm (BB) Cream. 

I never really into BB Cream before. So when Wardah Beauty & Female Daily sent me a blue box and there's some BB Cream inside, I was excited! And I think it's good to share a kindness to any other muslimah. 

As a student in Goethe Institute, a blogger, a model, a vocalist in Nash Indonesia and a speaker for some event, I always need to put my make up on for covering it. Then I realized that I'm tired about foundation. Feels like so heavy and lazy to clean off when I got home. But I think, things would never be the same. Now I have Wardah Lightening BB Cream as my skin's true friend. I could get so much benefits from this product then I will list down below :

• Wardah Lightening BB Cream contains of Aloe Vera for extra moisturizer but oil free formula. I have a dry skin, but I never put any moisturizer before now. So the result is semi matte. 

• Wardah Lightening BB Cream has Triple Lightening System which contains of Licorice, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 to brighter our skin.

• Wardah Lightening BB Cream will help to cover dark spot, so we don't have to put any concealer then we'll get a long-lasting flawless result.

• It's Perfume Free. For those with sensitive skin, you shall not be worry. My skin is sensitive too. So I'm happy that my skin wouldn't be irritated from perfume extract.

This is the 1st result using Wardah Lightening BB Cream on my face. You won't see my dark spot. Ignore my tired-of-exam face.

As #atruemultitasker, now I don't have to be worry about the shortage of my skin. I've satisfied with Wardah Lightening BB Cream. Now I got the natural skin tone, the semi matte (not too shiny of course) and a long-lasting flawless result that I couldn't have before. So, you think your BB Cream is a true BB Cream ? :)

P.S : 11 March about 10am, in shaa Allah I'll be having a talk with Female Daily on Twitter about this BB Cream.

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  1. wow.. so flawless.. thanks for sharing :)

  2. lipsticknya wardah juga ya kak? no berapa?

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  4. make up nya simple & natural sis :) like...