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Orori Blogger's Day

By December 23, 2015 ,

Assalamu'alaikum everyone!

Have you ever bought jewelry online ? Or do you prefer going to offline store to make you feel secure about the originality of it ? It's okay if the answer is yes, because hey we're the same! And it's normal.

A simple one always be the chosen. A lovely and oh so delicate ring!
But living in a busy city like Jakarta makes me tired to go to one place to another place. The traffic was so bad and I just can't tolerate it anymore. Alhamdulillah, technology just helps. We can see how many e-commerce now ease our live. We don't need to face the traffic to get what we want. Even we don't need to go to jewelry offline store to get some of them.

A romantic scene to impress the guests.
Can you imagine that we could buy jewelry online in this "criminal" era ? The question is, is it safe ? Or am I insecure ? Now the answer is, I'm not insecure. Why not ? 'Cause I finally found the first and most trusted jewelry e-commerce in Indonesia named ORORI. Just choose which one I like the most, use e-banking for the payment and just sit back & relax while waiting for my purchases. It is so much easier than having to go shopping to jewelry store. Like seriously. Even I can design my own jewelry. If you're curious about it, just visit the website and see how trusted they are. They provide certificate to proof that every product we bought is original. And they just don't sell the fake one. That's the most important thing I guess if we want to invest our jewelry.

A month ago ORORI just held Orori Blogger's Day arranged by Uttara Communication at The Hermitage Hotel, Menteng - Jakarta. They invited me and other bloggers to see the beauty of their collections. And they just asked me, Sonia Eryka and Elizabeth Rahajeng to share our shopping experience at ORORI.

Yes, indeed.
Kamila for opening. 3 pretty violins with great voices as well! Oh, so talented!
The three spoke person of Orori.

The lovely IHB.

Always happy and feel blessed gather with smart people like the bloggers above. How they think, how they dress, how they talk and how they manage their times are like inspiration to me!

Thank you ORORI and Uttara Comm for bringing us here together. Well, see you at another event! :)

Black Abaya : SAÉ
Bag : Zara

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